Our Testimonials

As one of the leading institutions promoting the understanding of family business in Asia, our contribution is recognized by a few:  

  • CUHK was the recipient of the Family Firm Institute’s 2013 International Award, which recognizes an individual or organization for outstanding achievement in furthering the understanding of family business issues which occur between two or more countries.  Our Center is one of the earliest institutions to offer professional training programs for family advisors. 
  • CUHK Business School was recognized as one of the top 25 best business schools for family businesses by Family Capital.  Professor Kevin Au was named one of the star professors amongst this elite group. 
Business Families

“I am fortunate enough to be a leader of the second generation of the Associated Engineers, Ltd and experience the transitions over the last 52 years.  The Center for Family Business provides an excellent platform for family business members to share different views and experiences.  Their professional advice gave me a lot of inspirations to enable various thinking of passing on the business to the next generation.”

Jude Chow, Managing Director, AEL Associated Engineers, Hong Kong

"Having worked in our Family Toys Business for more than 36 years, I found it hard to separate family issues from business decisions. The bond was so tight that I started to worry that it might block further corporate development.  If power and interest couldn't be shared fairly, relationships in the family could easily be ruined.

Trained in social work, I was sensitive to family relationship and started to look into our corporate structure years ago.  At that time, there was very little information on this topic.  I couldn't find any support or appropriate advice dealing with the issue, while many business consultants were unwilling to take up challenges related to family businesses.

Last year, I was so glad to know the Center for Family Business through their seminars.  Afterwards, we were honored to have Prof. Kevin Au and Mr. Jeremy Cheng visited our company. Their professional views upon board structure gave me a lot of inspirations, and the passion of their deep study did impress and touch me.  I know that this is the "right place" to learn from.  I am really willing to share ours in order to get companion.

Dear Friends in Family Business,

If you do have similar concerns in your Family Business, I love to invite you to contact the Center and get some ideas.  Nowadays, business is becoming harder and harder.  I wish that you do not have to face the issues alone."

Fancy Lam, Director, Chap Mei Plastic Toys Mfy Ltd, Hong Kong

"My family has a vision to perpetuate our business over generations, and as a member of the fourth generation, I believe balancing the family and the family business is an art.  The Family Business Center provides a platform in Hong Kong for enterprising families to master this art through experience and wisdom sharing."


Eddy Lee, Director, Lee Kum Kee Co. Ltd, Hong Kong

"I highly appreciate the work done by the Center for Family Business of CUHK. The Center provides a good platform for family business members to exchange different views and experiences. The Center has built up a good membership system and can always attract people to attend their gathering and networking events. They also provide appropriate match-making services to cater for the interest in transgenerational entrepreneurship coaching, wealth management and family philanthropy."

John Mok, Chairman, Automatic Manufacturing Limited, Hong Kong


"I am lucky enough to be a leader of the second generation of the Kowloon Watch Group and  experience the succession process over the last 40 years. With the help of Prof. Kevin Au, I am able to participate as a Family Entrepreneur-in-Residence in CUHK.  I learnt from the seminars provided by STEP and acquired excellent solutions to some unsolved problems in our family business practice. Being a member of the CUHK Center for Family Business, I am willing to share my experience with other family executives and hopefully, the case of Kowloon Watch Group will bring academic interest to STEP."

Wong Kam Shing, Managing Director, Kowloon Watch Company, Hong Kong

"The CUHK Center for Family Business provides an excellent platform for family business owners and their potential successors to share their unique experiences.  The Center has proven to be very resourceful especially in transgenerational succession planning, and family office arrangements.  I enjoyed these seminars, and believe these interactions are beneficial to my company and my family."

Glenn Yee, Chairman / Managing Director, Pacific Can China Holdings Ltd, Hong Kong

Family Business Advisors

“I would not have even heard about the Certificate in Family Business Advising or Family Firm Institute had it not been for CUHK. They have fulfilled the knowledge gap that I had been trying to address through their FFI-related workshops as well as other Family Business Network activities. CUHK is progressively building up a community of experts in this field for the Asia-Pacific region and has demonstrated a strong commitment to the field. I’ve enjoyed the connections made with local, regional and global professionals and academics, and look forward to playing a bigger role in the future.”

Heidi Adick, Director & Consultant, Dew-Point International Limited, Hong Kong
FFI Certificate Holder in Family Business Advising

"Working with CUHK has been inspiring. In addition to being professional and proactive, the CUHK team understand the importance of setting commercial priorities. CUHK have made important contributions to the design of Coutts family business education programmes. CUHK have also made valuable connections to their family business network."

Mark Evans, Executive Director, Coutts Institute, Coutts & Co, UK



"I attended several courses of FFI in the collaboration with CUHK a few years ago where I met many of my classmates from various countries, mainly from the Asia Pacific region. Many of us still keep in touch and have been sharing our working experiences to each other. I notice that CUHK has been active in the field of Family Business. It does not only provide courses to the public but also organize workshops for those who are involved in the areas. CUHK participates in the STEP project which provides the opportunity for them to learn from others as well as to share their valuable research work. I believe that CUHK is positioned predominantly in the field of family business in this part of the world and I am proud to be part of it."
Anurat Kongtoranin, Executive Director, Bangkok Fastening Co. Ltd., Thailand   
FFI Certificate Holder in Family Business Advising & Family Wealth Advising; Observer in the STEP Asia Pacific Summit 2012

"I received the CFBA and CFWA certificates from Family Firm Institute through CUHK but this is only the beginning of a wonderful journey. I met many professionals in U.S.A., Europe and Asia, who are committed to helping the Asian family business owners and many have become my friends. Asia, and particularly China, will continue to be the key economic growth engine of the world in the next 30 years. CUHK is well positioned to be the family business education and research center in this region. I am proud to be a member of this community."

Jeremy Lu, Managing Director, Family Business Quotient Legacy, Hong Kong
FFI Certificate Holder in Family Business Advising & Family Wealth Advising

“By 2050, Asia will contribute more than 50% of world economy.  More than 70% of Asian economy is built around family businesses.  Significant number of family businesses ownership and management will be transitioned for the next few decades.  The Center for Family Business of CUHK will certainly be an important institution that can help Asian family businesses survive the significant sustainability challenge in the coming decades.  I have enjoyed and benefited by the learning experience gained with the Center for the past year and believe that it will help me improve my own family business and strengthen my aspiration to enable other growing family businesses in Asia to sustain.  I look forward to further enhance my learning and contribution with the center.”
Yirhan Sim, Corporate Planning Vice President, PT Medion Farma Jaya, Indonesia
FFI Certificate Holder in Family Business Advising & Family Wealth Advising