Tailor Courses


We recognize the unique challenges faced by family businesses and professional firms serving UHNW families in the Asia-Pacific region.  Building on our experience from CUHK's Executive Education in the past two decades, we have accumulated valuable experiences in the evolution of custom programs to define and address specific needs.


Our Delivery

Our custom programs directly address the personal, familial, and corporate challenges, and set a practical and philosophical agenda that will help participants to improve analytical and decision-making capabilities and enhance the competitive advantages of their organizations.

Our faculty applies up-to-date management concepts to identify best practices and give participants the necessary tools and knowledge to develop successful personal, familial, and corporate strategies.

Our interactive, experiential delivery offers rewarding experiences to participants and tremendous value to their businesses and their families.  In addition to the CUHK faculty, distinguished scholars from leading global institutions and seasoned executives from the business, industrial and government sectors will be invited to supplement our faculty.  They represent a wide range of expertise and practical experience in all relevant fields.


Follow-on Services

To maximize the benefits from custom programs, follow-on services are available to cater to changes in needs as the families/companies evolve.  Our experienced team will continue to explore with the families and the companies to identify needs for long-term development.  Some programs are cascaded to leaders in family businesses and professional firms whether it is for the needs of deeper and more specialized knowledge, alignment of the strategy or building the team to better achieve the business goals.


Your Action

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