Grounded on professional knowledge and latest research, our Business Family Roundtable provides a problem solving platform for business family members.  The Roundtable incorporates a learning process to address an issue specific to business families from multiple perspectives, contributed by participants from other business families. 

Some Highlights of the Roundtable

  • One issue:  Focused around a central issue or challenge
  • Dual facilitation:  Involvement of a CUHK academic staff and a seasoned professional specialized in the area  
  • Small group: 12 to 14 participants maximum
  • Length:  Each roundtable session takes about 2.5 to 3 hours to complete.  Typically a dinner.  
  • Confidentiality:  All participants, including the facilitators and the protagonist, must sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Follow-up:  The learning is documented anonmyously and is distributed to everyone as a reference.  For members of our Family Business Learning Network (FBLN), a family business education consultant will keep track of the learning record, identify specific needs, and advise on relevant development. 

How It Works?

The Roundtable is based on an experience sharing framework.  It provides both an emotional basis for the context and a process orientation.  Everyone is equal and must contribute to the knowledge pool.  The focus of the Roundtable is on attacking a management issue from multiple perspectives and taking advantage of multiple experiences. 

Signing up for the Next Roundtable

Please refer to the following schedule for the upcoming Roundtable and email us for reservation.  We will forward further information about the Roundtables to you.

Issue of Focus
September 2013
NextGen Development
November 2013


HK$1,500/head (non-FBLN members); HK$1,000/head (FBLN members)  


Tel.: 3943-7180