Values Edge Toolkit

What are Values?
Values are the cornerstone of life—the foundation for behavior, motivation, career and life that determines what we consider important and how we make decisions and take action. One’s personal values form a sort of personal fingerprint, that offers a shorthand way for people to define themselves in a way that is deeply meaningful. Defining and sharing is a powerful way for teams, work groups and organization members to get to know each other.  Also, when families grow to include several generations, and are tied together by a shared family business or investments, one of the ways that they can build connection and common ground is to begin with each person’s values.
The Values EdgeSM Toolkit
The Values EdgeSM employs the Values Cards to help an individual, couple, family or team to define their Personal Values Pyramid, and then work together to create a Family or Team Values Statement.  These tools, based on the work of Cynthia Scott and Dennis Jaffe, utilize their model of 7 values categories—Mastery, Self Expression, Tradition, Relationships, Inner Development, Lifestyle, and Intrinsic—to help people look at their values in relation to their personal motivations and life choices.  The use of the Values EdgeSM Toolkit adds an element of concreteness and a well-grounded model for people to look at differences and similarities in their personal values, and then move to integrate them into a shared team or family values statement.  It can also compare legacy and current values, or current and aspired future values, and develop an Action Plan as an individual, family or work team.
Each toolkit includes 8 sets of the values cards, along with pages of colored post-it stickers for transferring values to a Display Card that preserves your Values Pyramid in a visible format that can be worn as a name card.  By sharing personal values arranged in colorful pyramids, people in a family or a work team can easily experience their similarities and differences. The toolkit is suitable for family business advisors and family members with a leadership role.  A Facilitator's Guide for Personal and Family Values Discovery Sessions will accompany the toolkit.
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Values EdgeSM 套件
Values EdgeSM 利用價值卡幫助個人、夫婦、家族和團隊去建立個人價值金字塔,並鼓勵各人協力,確立家族或團隊的價值表述。這套件建基於 Cynthia Scott 和 Dennis Jaffe 的價值模型,其中包括「勝利」、「自我表達」、「傳統」、「人際關係」、「內在發展」、「生活方式」和「內在價值」。這幫助參與者明白價值如何影響個人的原動力和人生的選擇。Values EdgeSM 套件的應用令價值異同的討論更具體,更有組織,並能啟發參與者融合他們個人的價值於家族或團隊的價值表述中。套件也能幫助比較家族的傳承價值和現有的價值,為個人、家族和團隊建立行動方案。
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