Our Dual Focus

Unlike other traditional family business centers, our Center carries a dual focus on family enterprising and business advising.  Family businesses go through cycles of development with an increasing complexity in dynamics.  We need to know different functional elements to achieve a sustainable growth for family enterprises.  For family businesses to go beyond generations, the role of trusted advisors is very important. The Center shall leverage its resources to grow this ecology while attaching a high level of neutrality in our research.  Focal points of each pillar are as follows:

Family Enterprising  

  • Family business transition
  • Transgenerational entrepreneurship
  • Governance of family firms
  • Leadership development across generations
  • Family dynamics and communication
  • Family business strategy
  • Family philanthropy

Family Business Advising

  • Developing a multi-disciplinary advisory practice
  • Driving a sustainable family business advising ecology
  • Promoting Hong Kong as a wealth management hub for ultra-high networth families in Asia