International Business Management Trainee Program (IBMT)

In collaboration with Guolairen International Education Group

The Program offers a unique opportunity to top-tier college students in China to develop themselves on a truly international platform.

The Program is developed by CUHK and GLR International Education Group and sponsored by MassMutual Asia-Kingdom Region. Topics of the Program are tailored for students to analyze and address a real business issue. The Program, highly interactive in nature, will be delivered by world-class scholars at CUHK and seasoned speakers from leading firms.

Participants will work in teams and present their 'solutions' in the International Business Challenge organized at the end of the Program. Participants need to pitch their ideas to a panel from CUHK and the sponsoring organization(s). Via these intensive activities, the Program shall accelerate participants' intellectual growth and prepare them for further education and career development.

Selected workshop photos could be seen here.

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