Family Business Learning Series

The Family Business Learning Series 2013 is available for registration now.  Details are as follows:-

2014 Series Speaker(s)

Workshop on NATURE & NURTURE: Impact on Family Business - in the East and in the West


Prof. Walter Vieira, Founder, Marketing Advisory Services

Family Business Learning Series

Our Center has offered an annual Family Business Learning Series since 2008.  The Series aims to promote a healthy ecology of family business in Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region.  It features global scholars and seasoned practitioners in the field, blending family business practices with theoretical discussions.  We include topics that are current and reflect the multi-disciplinary nature of the field.  The Series is also delivered in different formats from roundtables to workshops, fitting different needs of our participants.  It provides a learning and networking platform for both business families and family business professionals.

As a business family member, you can immerse yourself in active discussions.  Our participants come from different generations, and you can get a fresh view from the inter-generational conversations.  You can also meet with other business families who can share their thoughts with you.  Some of the functions are conducted in a private setting.  As a member of our Family Business Learning Network, you can make an exclusive appointment* with our speakers via the Center. 

As a family business advisor, you can learn from different professions.  Our experience is that profesisonals such as private bankers, lawyers, accountants, family office professionals, management consultants, and psychologists join us and contribute to lively discussions from their experience and practice. 

We welcome your participation.  If you want to share your expertise and experience with our members as a speaker, please contact us and we are happy to work out a plan beneficial to our members.


Previous Series

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Supporting Organizations in the previous Series (in alphabetical order)

2econd Generation Entrepreneur Association (2011)

Advanced Market Specialist Society (2009)
Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners Hong Kong Branch (2011 & 2012)
New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (2011)

* Subject to the availability of the speaker