The Center provides an array of educational programs for business families and their advisors.  Discover more about our programs now!

Program Who should attend?
The FBLS is an annual event of the Center, promoting  the awareness of different issues in family business. 
Business family members, advisors or associations
The workshops help participants explore more about their own family business from our leading research.  These workshops are tailored to empower actions in the family business setting.  
Business family members
The Roundtable is a problem solving platform to address an issue specific to business families from multiple perspectives, contributed by participants from other business families. 
Business family members
It provides opportunities for participants to shadow our Family Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (FEIR), allowing an in-depth discussion of one's aspiration in and/or outside the family business.
Next generation members affiliated to our Family Business Learning Network (FBLN)
It is a platform to engage conversations amongst business family members across generations.  We offer a systematic retreat more than a family reunion.  
Entire business family
A specialized program for family business professionals in the Asia Pacific region held in collaboration with Family Firm Institute leading to the designations of CFBA and CFWA.
Family business advisors, professionals or educators and researchers
The Roundtable provides a problem solving platform for family business advisors to address an issue from multiple perspectives, contributed by professionals from different disciplines. 
Family business advisors and  professionals.
Participants will learn a multi-disciplinary practice of family business advising and how to apply the concepts in the Asia Pacific region.  
Family business advisors and professionals
This module teaches advisors how to discover personal and family values together with their clients using the the Values EdgeSM cards.
Family business advisors and professionals
An intensive course to explore topics in family business.  
Mainland undergraduates
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Business families, professional firms or associations