Case Studies

Our faculty produced the following case studies for teaching purposes:
by Li Jin, Joseph Fan, & Winnie Leung
Wang Yung-ching, legendary Taiwanese businessman and philanthropist, passed away in 2008. He left behind an estate worth US $5.5 billion, but did not leave a will. The case discusses the potential motivation for Wang, and uses it to study succession planning for family businesses.
Subjects covered: Succession Planning; Wealth & Ownership Transition
by Kevin Au & Barbara Li
Ho Tak Kee is a professional publisher and printer in Hong Kong. The family is considering closing the printing operation if no one from the next generation can steer the business.  As a next generation member, John is facing the dilemma of advancing a professional career outside the family or revitalizing the family legend. The case puts audience into John's decision track.   
Subjects covered: Succession Planning; Next Generation Career Development
by Kevin Au & Barbara Li
As John decides to go back to Ho Tak Kee, he faces a number of the challenges. He wants to steer the business and the family in a new direction, but there are always resistance to some of the changes.  The case describes the actions John takes to navigate through the challenges.
Subjects covered: Next Generation Leadership Development; Change Management; Growth Strategy  
Transgenerational Entrepreneurship: Challenges to Automatic Manufacturing Limited in Hong Kong
by Kevin Au & Jeremy Cheng (in press)
How can family business incubate entrepreneurship amongst next generation members? Professor John Mok of AML presents a very thorough transgenerational entrepreneurship scheme which covers career progression, venture funding, and education in different stages.
Subjects covered: Transgenerational Entrepreneurship; Family Angel Scheme; Family Business Education; Career Development; Succession Planning
by Jeremy Cheng, Florence Ho, & Kevin Au (in press)
How can a family transfer its tacit knowledge across generation? How do family entrepreneurs actually learn? The case focuses on the development of Mr. Jude Chow, a second generation member of AEL. The same question occurs when Jude grooms his younger brother, Francis. This is heightened by Jude's decision on whether to assign a risky project to Francis.   
Subjects covered: Transgenerational Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurial Learning; Next Generation Leadership Development  

*Cases also available in Chinese. Please contact our Education Professionals.