Case Research

Importance of Case Method
  • Case method is the one of best methods to learn about family business practices.
  • Cases allow families to engage and disperse unique lessons to the community.
  • Participants can immerse themselves in the case, learn how to develop an action plan, participate in the discussion, and learn to articulate a position.
  • They learn through individual analysis and preparation, informal small group discussion, open-forum sharing, and end-of-class generalization.
Potential Teaching Issues from the Case
The most important decision is to locate a challenge(s) that the protagonist encountered.  This might be a challenge(s) that the protagonist had solved already or one that the protagonist is working on.  This provides a discussion point for participants to learn as a decision-maker. 
Case Development Process
Expected Time
Relevant Procedure
1 Month
Before the interviews, background materials will be collected.
1 - 2 Months
In-depth interviews will be conducted. Separate interviews will be arranged for each interviewee. Each interview will last for about 1 to 2 hours. 
1 Month
A draft shall be completed in a month after all interviews. The draft will be submitted to the case protagonist for comment.
1 Month
The case will be ready for signing-off after all adjustments.
Case Examples
  • Au, K. (2008). Ho Tak Kee Book Co. Ltd. - A third generation at a crossroads (A) & (B). CUHK Centre for Entrepreneurship. [Ivey Case: 9B09M032w & 9B09M033w]
  • Au, K. & Cheng, J. (in press). Trans-generational entrepreneurship: Challenges to Automatic Manufacturing Limited in Hong Kong. Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division Ambassadors Program Casebook.
 Contributing to our Research
Families participating in our case research will enjoy a dynamic interaction with our research team.  They will get feedback from the principal researcher(s). We engage our participants to share potential best practices identified in our functions, thereby leveraging the impact of the research to the family business community.  To achieve this, we offer a complimentary Full Membership (two-year) of our Family Business Learning Network to two authorized members of the participating family.  We stress on academic integrity and confidentialty of participants and their firms in the research process.
Interested in contributing to our research?  Simply contact our Education Professionals.