2018 STEP Asia Pacific Summit

Highlight Event – 2018 STEP Asia Pacific Summit 

The STEP Asia Pacific Summit will be held from 26 to 27 July 2018 at Singapore Management University.  

Conference Theme:  Family Entrepreneurship – Creating Value in Every Generation

Enduring family businesses display exemplary stewardship behaviour driven by a strong consideration for sustainable growth and a desire to give to the community in various forms. Asian family firms represent 85% of the world’s family owned businesses and contribute to 32% of the total market capitalisation, playing a major role in the development of their economies. However, due to the relatively young nature of these firms and the limited pool of experience within the family, cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit is necessary to sustain the initial growth momentum. The business needs to be rejuvenated in every generation as if it was the first, creating lasting value for both the business and the family. To support successors of family firms in playing this entrepreneurial role effectively, it is vital for us to build collective knowledge on what drives transformation in family firms.

Day 1 (Thu, 26 July 2018)       Masterclass – Entrepreneurs in Every Generation*
                                                Research Workshop for Academics only
                                                Local Learning Journey for Overseas Business Families only
                                                Welcome Reception for Overseas Delegates

Day 2 (Fri, 27 July 2018)         STEP APAC Summit Conference*
                                                5th Anniversary Celebration Gala Dinner cum Launch of
                                                BFI@SMU Celebration Book at The Fullerton Hotel
                                                Guest of Honor: Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Culture,
                                                Community and Youth

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